Our Process & Approach

Enhancing Financial Decision Making℠

A Process that Works

Our approach has stood the test of time by uncovering opportunities, understanding changing markets, and adapting to your evolving needs.

Building a strong financial future begins with a solid foundation.

In order for individuals, families, businesses and business-owners to reach their ultimate financial objectives, they must first construct and implement a detailed plan to include short, mid and long-term goals.

The 5-Step Process

Our Five-Step Process helps clients focus on what matters most. With guidance designed to address your needs at every stage of life, we help you secure your financial well-being, enabling you to live the life that’s most meaningful to you.

step 1


  • Get to know you, your priorities, concerns, and personal values
  • Assess your current financial situation
  • Share our process
step 2


  • Better understand you and the “why” behind your goals
  • Gather information
  • Review your data
step 3


  • Present the results of your analysis
  • Discuss options for meeting your priorities
  • Consider pros, cons, and potential costs of recommended strategies
step 4


  • Select appropriate strategies
  • Develop an implementation plan
  • Plan for your future steps


  • Reassess your goals
  • Track your progress
  • Make adjustments as needed
  • Celebrate successes

After all, it’s a marathon, not a sprint

Successful financial planning takes time, patience and dedicated professionals who are there to help along the way.

We realize that your financial goals are a direct reflection of your individual circumstances. That’s why our process involves developing customized strategies to meet your needs.

We are flexible

Although each client’s results may differ, our experience and knowledge in the world of financial planning has helped many of our clients reach and exceed their goals, both short- and long-term.

Part of our success in building a long-lasting relationship with our clients is due to our understanding that your goals and needs may change over time. We are committed to providing you with outstanding service and attention — and we are there when you want to modify your plan.

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You will hear from us — consistently.

At Ascend Planning & Consulting, LLC, we believe in consistently evaluating our client’s financial needs to help ensure they are getting the most value from our service. We also believe in reaching out regularly to make sure you are getting the service and attention you deserve.