Qualified Retirement Plans & Co-Fiduciary Services

Enhancing Financial Decision Making℠

Since 1981, we have assisted companies in the design, implementation and administration of retirement plans that qualify for tax benefits under the Internal Revenue Code.

Our Process

Whether your business has an existing qualified retirement plan or is evaluating adding or modifying one, our thorough evaluation of your business needs, executive/owner objectives and plan requirements can be reviewed and evaluated to assure that we provide an optimum plan design.

Today’s requirements placed on plan trustees can be challenging without adequate assistance.  As a plan trustee, you will become a fiduciary under ERISA and be charged with assuring that the plan functions appropriately for plan participants and remains qualified under the Internal Revenue Code.

We understand that it may be difficult for a plan sponsor to thoroughly understand their fiduciary responsibilities, consistently fulfill them, and prove through proper documentation that they are compliant. Our role is to provide you with professional assistance with these services.

Why Choose Us

In addition to our years of experience, we can act as co-fiduciaries and assist with assuring that trustees meet their responsibilities.  When acting as a co-fiduciary, we are also liable for any fines or restorations that may result from an unintended fiduciary breach. To protect our corporate clients, we offer an ERISA Advisory Services Agreement* that will indemnify the plan sponsor for any and all claims or judgments (including legal fees) arising from a covered breach or negligence related to our covered services.

Cost of Services

We offer our clients the option of either allowing their retirement plan participants or the business to pay for our services.  Most plans have opted for the plan to pay these costs as a specific expense similar to other plan expenses.  However, a growing number of businesses have elected to pay for our services from corporate assets, thus creating another business tax deduction and not imposing the cost on plan participants.  We can help you evaluate which strategy may be best for your business.

Covered Services

  • Assist in the documentation of your plan’s goals and objectives.
  • Review and update your plan’s Investment Policy Statement (IPS).
  • Provide a marketing analysis and/or provider search for the plan on a scheduled basis.
  • Recommend and assist the plan sponsor in plan investment selection.
  • Assist the plan’s investment committee in its review and documentation of all plan investments against the appropriate benchmarks.
  • Provide training to plan sponsors and other plan fiduciaries on their fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Communicate regularly with the plan sponsor to promote overall satisfaction.
  • Provide the plan sponsor with regularly scheduled retirement updates and education on topics relevant to the plan sponsor’s role as a fiduciary.
  • Prepare and present plan details for the plan’s annual fiduciary review.
  • Support the plan sponsor’s human resources department’s coordination with the plan’s administrator and record keeper, and attend to all other related administrative service needs.

*The ERISA Advisory Services Agreement is contracted with our associated Registered Investment Advisor, Equitable Advisors, LLC.